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I AM Christian T-Shirt

God said tell them I AM sent you In response to Moses’s Question of authority. That is actually the best way to describe GOD. He is everything, He created everything, in him we live move and have our being exist and consist. He is the center of two eternities everything before JESUS points to his birth, everything after points to his work on the cross. He has the Whole world in his hands. 

If You noticed around the year 2007 every man woman and child on the face of GOD’S green earth changed. They say we live in the dispensation of grace I believe we now live in the dispensation of judgement or the end times but don’t worry, as the evening turns to night and as early mourning turns to daylight, we will all see clearly the works of our own hands, the WORD of GOD [the bible] will judge us. Just choose life.

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